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Sustainable Tourism by WTO
Greening your  Events
Sustainable Tourism is defined by the World Tourism Organization as “satisfying current tourist and host community needs, while protecting and improving future opportunities." 

Hotels, resorts and lodging businesses must adopt and implement sustainability and Green Hotels practices that encompass environmental, sociocultural, and service quality aspects; communicate these  sustainability policies to owners, work force, and guests.

As M.I.C.E. professional since 1984, the only way forward with the industry is to evolve and innovate with today’s relevant developments, and Greening Events, is the lead paradigm in the industry. The revised mantra of "rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle, report" must be essentially adopted by all cross section in the Events industry.

Integrate ecological considerations throughout all stages of your M.I.C.E. and Events in order to minimize the negative impact on the environment. Include Sustainable Events Management with CSR Workshop in your next meeting or happening.

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Making a reality of Sustainability entails adopting
best practices, namely, corrective or improved measures
implemented in every area of business management and operations to ensure that the least possible impact is caused,
product quality and image are improved,
business development becomes more efficient, and therefore,
social and economic development does as well.

Sustainable Tourism
Training tourism businesses to adopt sustainable practices with the end goal to earn certification.

Green Hotels Asia
Implement best green hotels practices for lodging operations, resorts, boutique hotels and get certified as green!

Sustainable Events
Learn ways to "green" your next M.I.C.E./Event
(not to mention all those Festivals, Fiestas & Fetes)
Book or learn the Sustainable Events Management
with CSR Workshop.

You make a living by what you get,
you make a life with what you give
- St. Francis of Assisi
Support and communicate your corporate citizenship and 
concern in  community & socially responsible initiatives.

Sustainable Development and Tourism Facilitating tool for non-government/ non-profit organizations


Institutionalize good governance principles with effective sustainability planning, maximizing social and economic benefits for the local community; enhancing cultural heritage; and reducing negative impacts to the environment.


- From Planning to concept, from design to execution 
with innovative tools; specializing in
Japan, Philippines and Peru!

Brand Management, Marketing Communications
PR & Publicity

Join our network of the most reliable eco responsible hotels around the world. Embracing sustainability in the hotel industry, integrating innovation and added value with environmental actions in a vibrant  global exchange of green hoteliers, operators and
responsible clients.
Boracay Beckons for conservation action! Conserving culture and nature with Coron's Tagbanua tribe Sagay Seafood, Negros Occ.
Our joint project for the SMEs in the Tourism Industry to reduce carbon footprint by switching from use of fossil fuel to renewable energy sources especially solar energy and green technologies.
Sustainable Beach Management training services to help beach public & private operators with the information and guidance to effectively manage the beaches of Asia - Pacific. The new industry standard for beach management and safety (ISO 13009 - the “Clean Blue Industry Standard” - CBIS.